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Jeep Safari

Location: Thassos island

Type: t

Availability: Saturday

Activities available nearby:
Diving & Watersports, Mountain Sports & Nature

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Rating: 1


Setting off the village of Limenaria known for its long history of mining in ocher and iron we start our exploration to one of the highest mountains in the Aegean Sea, accompanied by an experienced guide-driver.

Driving through olive groves and pine forests, to find shelter as wild hare and dozens of bird species, we reach a nationally preserved stone village of Kastro
( means Castle) were we take a tour and visit the church of Saint Athanasios built by locals at 1804.
Our next driving experience is towards the waterfalls of the 'Apostolous'. We leave our 4x4 and try a short walk until we reach them.

We drive higher to reach the top peak of the island Ipsarion. On our smooth way up we enjoy the stunning views to the forest and deep blue of Mediterranean Sea. We make a short stop to admire the view to the island of myhthical Sirens to picture it. We reach to the roof of Thassos at 1206 meters. The magnificent panoramic views really worth all our efforts.

Our next stop, is to the well-hidden Lake of Marion. We drive through an old dirt road full of trees and brooks. Lake is encircled by pine trees, sycamores and willows which makes it an ideal place to relax in its tranquil surroundings. In the area of lake we discover some ponds with crystal clear water. The brave might try a swim on the cold waters while our younger friends will enjoy feeding the little fishes that live there. Where all other Safaris end we start to "climb one more mountain to experience wild nature and visit the historic monastery of Saint Panteleimonas (1844 AD) and its holy cave "Agiasma" where it is said a Saint used to live. The monastery enjoys the most breathtaking view in the island. So close to the sea but 776 meters above the sea level! Our final stop is in most well preserved village in Thassos, Kazaviti. There we will enjoy a 4-course meal in an authentic Thassian tavern with local tastes and wine. Discover the hidden beauty of Thassos drive with us!

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