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Location: Thassos island

Type: t

Availability: May-October

Activities available nearby:
Diving & Watersports, Mountain Sports & Nature

Prices From:



Rating: 5


Experience an island with 42 unique beaches. Enjoy Thassos lively night life, Visit mountainous villages such as Panagia, Kastro, Maries, Kazaviti, untouched by time, exlpore a place with 2700 years of non-stop history and walk through its ancient monuments
Ancient Greek amphitheater, Ancient Market & temples will travel you to the glorious past of the island. Try delicious real tastes in one of many family-run taverns & drink a lot of wine, in Thassos is really nice and cheap! Visit a brand new Archaological Museum in Thassos town and have a stroll in the little old port of Limenas. Unforgetable holiday moments are what you will expect to live in our beautyfull island...

We have carefully choosen our hotels to offer except from a very good price a personal touch. After your holidays we are sure that you leave with your best impressions about them.

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Explore pure side of Thassos

Jeep Safari in Thassos mountains (3 days/2 nights)

Location: Thassos

Type: t

Availability: May - October (Friday check in -Sunday check out)

Prices from:



Rating: 2/5

Have you ever imagined that Thassos island can hide waterfalls, a lake, wild forests and authentic stone villages untouched from the time? Fancy swimming in a fresh water pond, or taking a “shower” under a waterfall and in the same day swimming on a deserted wild beach? Are you sure you know the Greek cuisine? A visit in a non touristic tavern up will offer you a new view of pure Greek tastes. Live them all in a weekend in Thassos, the mythical island of Sirens. A knowledgeble local will be leading your tour. For your nights we book a luxurious apartment in a guest house built in the old style

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Hiking trail

Hiking tour in Thassos mountains (3 days/2 nights)

Location: Ipsarion mountain 1206 m

Type: t

Availability: Friday-Sunday (Weekend package)

Prices from:



Rating: 2/5

An amazing three-day tour in one of the top 10 highest mountains of Aegean sea in Greece. Experience a hiking tour in Thassos mountains (Ipsarion), escorted by experienced guides. Walk through promising little trails and donkey roads, explore traditional villages, admire the rich nature, relax by the peacefull Thassos lake and cool waterfalls, meet wild goats and turtles in your way. Walking routes are adjusted based on the level of fitness of participants. Stay in a luxury apartment located in Kazaviti village, the most well preserved village in the whole region

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View from the top of Thassos

Hiking Holidays in Thassos Mountains (1206m)

Location: Thassos island, Greece

Type: t

Availability: January - October

Prices from:



Rating: 2/5

Thassos island has much more to offer from any ordinary sea & sun destination. With its mountain "Ipsarion" (1206 m. ) considered to be one of the greenest islands in Mediterranean sea. Rich forests, amazing flora, large variety of bird species, well-preserved mountainous villages stay there since 1800, makes up the perfect scene for off the beaten truck hiking & cultural holidays. A Greek island with continuous history for the last 2700 years and monuments from 4 different eras is a paradise for hikers who prefer Non-mass tourism destinations

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