Easter tour in Thassos

Easter tour in Thassos

1st day

The group arrives in Kavala city and parks aside Port's parking. We meet one of the "stops" of Saint Paul in easy walking distance. There Saint Paul taught Christian beliefs to locals. After talking about some pictures we walk to the old town of Kavala which is called "Panagia" (Holy Mary). In the old town, we enjoy the old traditional architecture of buildings. In Panagia is the Byzantine Castle of Kavala city the Imaret, the house of Mohamet Ali. From Panagia, you can take beautiful panoramic pictures of the city.

(If you reach early you have time for a break in a cafe and then you take the bus to Keramoti to travel to Thassos or else you drive just after your walk). If you do this without a guide just by sharing all information on the bus then you do not need any extra cost for this)

You reach Thassos and you drive from Thassos New port to Pefkari (Hotel Esperia)

After reaching the hotel and finishing with check-in we can either have free time in Potos to eat in taverns and snack bars or we can set a menu in a tavern or hotel. The menu will be approximately 12-15 euros per person excluding drinks for Salad per person/Main course/Bread/Dessert. 

After a meal in the evening optionally you visit the church of Potos around 20:30 to take part in a tradition. We carry Jesus' "body" around the village holding lighted candles. Return to hotel for sleep.

2nd day

After having our buffet breakfast in the hotel we start our day trip around Thassos. Having the help of a local tour leader of Real Holidays who will share with you all the "secrets" about the island! We will visit the monastery of St. Archangel Michael. On our way to the monastery, we experience the change of landscape. It becomes rocky & wild, the vegetation decreases, and cliffs descend to the sea. Archangelos was built on the edge of a cliff with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and Mount Athos. The monastery is considered one of the main attractions of the island.

The monastery was firstly built in 1187 by Saint Loucas the Thassian as a little chapel and then the building was restored in 1835. It started to be a nunnery in 1974 and it belongs to the Filofeyevsky Monastery on Mount Athos. In many ways, this is why the monastery of the Archangel Michael has preserved a collection of religious articles and works of monks. A piece of the Holy Nail from the crucifixion of Jesus is also kept here and you can see it exhibited in the old chapel on the right side of the entrance. The monastery is for women and requires strict rules for visitors, which primarily relate to clothing. For men - long trousers, for women - long skirts and blouses with long sleeves.

Our next stop is the picturesque village of Panagia. Panagia an old preserved village with stone-roof houses and the freshwater springs flowing through its narrow streets is a must-visit place on the island! We will reach the «Love square». A local legend says that who would be kissed on the bridge of this square his love will last fresh forever!

After leaving Panagia village we will visit the largest private Olive Oil exporting company in Thassos "Olis" there we will visit the Head building and we will try premium local Thassos products (extra virgin olive oil, olives, ouzo, etc). The personnel of the factory will show us a video and share information about olive oil production. In the garden of the factory, there are exhibited some really old machines of early 1900 by which they used to press the olives. We will have time to shop for all kinds of local souvenirs and bring tasty gifts back home.

After the Olive oil factory, we will drive to Thassos town where we will offer you optionally at a reasonable price a late lunch (14-16 euros per person) with Greek fishes, Kalamaras, octopus as we cook them here in Thassos. In Thassos town, it is worthwhile leaving people to take a stroll in the old harbor to take some photos of the ancient agora and the ancient port of the island.  After the free time in Thassos town, we return to the hotel. 

At 11:00 p.m., we drive to Theologos to attend an Easter celebration in one of the most beautiful old churches in Thassos with the most impressive wooden-carved iconostasis in Greece! 

Christos Anesti!

We return to the hotel to rest.

3rd day

We take our breakfast and spend some time chilling in Potos after walking for some minutes on a nice path and enjoying a drink of coffee by the sea. Early at noon, we drive you to Limenaria there you will have free time for lunch (or you can handle our experience and we will arrange for you a beautiful menu to enjoy Thassos organic lamb or kid meat and fresh local salads as per our tradition! 

At 19:30 we drive you to tavern Augustus to enjoy a fantastic Greek night event and a buffet dinner. Dancers, singers and the whole atmosphere will offer you an unforgettable experience. 

Buffet starts at 20:00 show start at 2100 and ends at 0000.

4th day

Take breakfast and start your traveling back home

If you arrive late in Kavala and have no time to do "day1 program" maybe you can do it on day4