Marble beach is undoubtedly one of of the top visited beaches in Thassos.

The snow white pebbles and crystal clear waters together with the rich pine wood surrounds makes it unique! Thousands of visitors to Thassos every Summer take the hard unpaved road by walking, driving or more comfortably using a jeep day trip or transfer to reach it. We all enjoy this beautiful beach despite the fact that it has become over commercialized in recent years. Lets share with you some of the secrets regarding this famous beach!

But how this beach was created?

Nearly 2600 years ago Ancient Thassians were mining marble under Thassos land. One of the spots with the whitest marble was located on the hill just over this amazing beach. The ancient quarries of Thassos (the most famous of which is in Aliki beach), operated for more than 10 centuries, from Classical Greece to Helenistic times of Philip & Alexander the Great to Roman times.

During the second half of the 20th century marble mining started again in many places on the island and one of them was on the hill over Marble beach. The byproducts of this industrial activity are small marble rocks and stones. Every winter some of them are brought by streamflow from the hill down to the end of the steam, on the beach. Then the power of the waves and the salt of the sea play their part and turn all these stones to large white pebbles and then to smaller ones and so on. Finally after a few years the pebbles are turned into marble sand.

How does it take this bright light blue colour?

Another amazing characteristic of Marble beach is the picture-perfect light blue colour of the sea water. The pure white bottom of the marble pebbles plus the crystal clean water helps reflect the wavelengths of light seen to our eyes as blue and violet. The more clear the sky and the atmosphere, the more light blue the colour of Marble beach as it reflects back the colour of the light blue sky.

Why is Marble beach also called Saliara beach?

Actually Saliara is the original name of Marble beach. Saliara was named by goats shepherds. They named it Saliara out of its shape and colour. Saliara is how we call a bib and this is how Marble beach looks from above! Funny?

Is Marble beach suitable for everyone?

The most instagrammable beach for sure is not the only beach that you will fall love with in Thassos. Actually, to those seeking relaxation we highly recommend to avoid spending a long time there especially during July to mid September as it is completely full. I would also say that as it gets deep in the first few steps, so it may not be the best choice for families with young children.

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Special thanks to Vasilis Adamos, a Thassian living and working in England, for English text revision

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